Virgin Squad, 2018 and 2019 Formula E in México City

   Pilots, staff and top executives

 NFL Official Games in México City in 2016, 2017,  2018 and 2019

   As official providers, we attend Top executives, Legends, Cheerleaders, Media, Staff and Team Owners, Stadium Shuttles and Game Day operation, 

for more than 500 people.


   Macabeah Games Mexico 2019

   Games in México City in 2019, attending players and top executives.

Harvard University Deans and Professors

   Professor Dr. David Carrasco, Deans and top administrators visits to México City and surroundings for the Mesoamerican and Latin American

Studies in Harvard University.


 Official visit of the Emir of Kuwait and Embassy of Kuwait in México City

   As official providers since 2010, we have attended 60 high dignitaries of the State of Kuwait, more than 80 vehicles for VIPs, transportation, coordination, including service for the Royal Family

and Ministers Official visits.


   Visit of the USA Ex-president Bill Clinton to México City

   In two different occasions, attending his personal security (advance team).


   The Mask of Zorro

   Produced in México City and surroundings, attending for the entire film (10 months) the On-line Producer,  crew and main Cast Actors Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.